Young Christian Magazine Guidelines

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Reaching children and teens to tell them about Christian faiths in a positive light is the goal of Young Christian. 

The avenue to reaching children and teens is through education.  Language Arts,  ESL and homeschooling are the academic concentrations of Young Christian.  With that in mind,  the material sent to Young Christian should be oriented towards these areas.

Young Christian Magazine Categories


The word count for fiction is a varied range and can be between 500-2,000 words.  All fiction needs to be for children and young adult readers.


Church history is what is needed the most at Young Christian Magazine.

Short Shorts And Fillers

The name indicates what is needed for these.  At least 25 words are great for short shorts and fillers and 1,000 words is acceptable but pushing the boundaries.

Poetry and Music

Limited needs exist for poetry and music at Young Christian.  The styles for these are your choice.

Seasonal Material

Holidays and seasonal material for every day is needed continuously.  It should be sent 3-6 months before the holiday that it has been written for.

Sample Copies

Do you want to receive a sample copy of Young Christian?

Rules For Sending Your Material

When writing for Christian publications,  follow the guidelines for sending manuscripts.

A bio should be included with your manuscripts.

Send a return envelope with sufficient postage for the return of your manuscripts.

Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

The offices of Young Christian Magazine are located in Northern Virginia,  minutes from Washington.